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Root Canal Treatment in Addington, South London

Root canal treatment aims to remove all infection and debris from an infected tooth.


First the damaged or infected nerve and structure is removed then we cleanse and shape the inner canal to prevent reinfection and seal fully.


It is a skilled and time-consuming procedure that can require two or more visits. We have an in-house endodontist specialist who will be able to treat your infected tooth to the highest standards, to ensure your tooth has the best long term prognosis.

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    Root Canal Treatment FAQs

    Why might I need root canal treatment?

    There are several reasons why you may need root canal treatment including:

    • An infection in your tooth has reached the nerves
    • You have extensive decay or a deep cavity that can’t be filled because the pulp and nerves are also involved
    • Your tooth is badly cracked
    • Your tooth is broken
    • You have needed repeated fillings of the affected tooth

    Will I have discomfort after the procedure?

    You may experience some  mil discomfort or tenderness when biting down on the affected tooth. This usually only lasts a couple of days and can be treated with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain reliever like ibuprofen.

    Is root canal treatment painful?

    Root Canal treatment can have a bad reputation for being painful but actually most people report the procedure is no more painful that having a filling placed. We’ll make sure your tooth is numbed so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure.

    What happens during root canal treatment?

    Firstly, our dentist will numb the area to ensure the procedure is as pain free as possible. Once numbed, a small opening is made in the top (crown) of the tooth to access the pulp chamber and canal. The infected tissue is then removed before being filled with a biocompatible material and sealed.

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